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...I have also been on the other side of language learning, as I have also been a teacher. I thought English both as a second language and as a foreign language. In 2018, I tutored foreign-exchange students on the English language. I felt uncertain at first but once I began interacting with the students, I felt a sense of satisfaction and motivation to do better, so that in turn they can learn / achieve all the more so. 

From the 2019-2020 school year I worked in a French high school as an assistant English teacher. As part of the T.A.P.I.F. (Teaching Assistant Position in France) program, I was assigned to work in Brest, Brittany, France as an assistant English teacher. My role included designing lesson plans, individually tutoring, giving classroom lectures, and facilitating the job of the other English teachers. It was a rewarding experience. Interacting with the students and helping them learn about the English language, as well as learn about American culture, felt meaningful. Likewise, learning about French culture was equally rewarding. I believe that this experience created the foundation of my work-ethic and professionalism.  


For the past three years I have been studying  working, and living abroad in Europe. It began with my job as an assistant English teacher in Brest, France and extended through my academic studies. All of this has been facilitated by my dual citizenship as an American and as a Spaniard / European. With all the skills I have learned, I now seek a new challenge. I hope to use my multi-disciplinary skillset to its fullest potential. And I eagerly await whatever may come next. 

Hello. My name is Miguel Derett. I am a writer, editor, photographer, videographer, and content creator. As of October 2022, I graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course, Oxford, held at Exeter College. Prior to that, I obtained my Master of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Creative Writing & Media / Communication Studies from Florida State University in 2018. Yet my adoration for literature began back in high school when I first heard the grounded lyrics of Bob Dylan - and it has carried on throughout my life.


Alongside literature, I have also developed a passion for visual arts, specifically photography and videography. I find that there are times when there is no right word, or series of words, that can capture a moment / sentiment. In those moments I believe it is best to simply let visuals become a spectacle and wonder.


Another great passion of mine is languages. I am greatly interested in the world of language learning and language teaching. I was raised bilingual, speaking English and Spanish. I have been learning French for a handful of years now and have achieved a working proficiency. Recently, I have begun learning Japanese through means of self-study. My goal is to be fluent and to communicate as effortlessly as possible in each language. It is a challenge, certainly, but also a rewarding one... 




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